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My Paraskevidekatriaphobia morning train WFH reads:

The Excitement, Danger, and Unknown of Small-Cap Investing’s Comeback: SouthernSun Asset Management has waited years for a market as promising as this one for its little-known stocks..(Institutional Investor)

Vaults, Ducts, Kitchens: Everything Must Go When a Company Moves Out: As companies reduce their office footprint to accommodate remote work, they are turning to decommissioning teams to clear out furniture, fixtures and equipment. (New York Times)

Investing Red Flags: A quick list of common warning signs: A great way to learn what to avoid in business and investing is to understand what a good short seller would look for. This is doubly important because I think we all underestimate how common business failure really is. Recall J.P. Morgan found that, from 1980-2020, around 40% of the time a concentrated position in a single stock experienced negative absolute returns. (Sapient Capital)

Taylor Swift Re-Recorded Albums Into Hits. Can It Be Done Again? Swift began to execute a plan to regain control and in the process created a radical new blueprint for artists and music ownership. The same month she published her initial letter, she announced she would re-record the albums included in that deal. (Bloomberg)

How Rockstar Energy Creator Russ Weiner Got ‘Addicted’ to Flipping High-Priced Homes: After selling his company to PepsiCo, Weiner began buying and selling luxury real estate in earnest. A look at his property portfolio, which includes property in Florida, Utah, California and Colorado. (Wall Street Journal)

Shitposting, Shit-mining and Shit-farming Three Stages of Platform Decay: This then leads platform executives to explore the exciting opportunities of shit-mining. Social media generates a lot of content – it’s gotta be valuable somehow! Who needs content moderation if you can become a guano baron? But that only makes things worse, driving out more users and more advertisers, until eventually, you may find yourself left with a population dominated by two kinds of users (a) chumps, and (b) chump-vampirizing obligate predators. (Progammable Mutter)

The Most Dangerous Thing in Culture Right Now is Beauty: You think I’m crazy, but just wait and see…. (The Honest Broker)

How Much Discomfort Is the Whole World Worth? Movement building requires a culture of listening—not mastery of the right language. (Boston Review)

Who’s afraid of an RFK Jr. independent run? RFK Jr. has such an odd mix of views, on a whole host of conspiracy theories, that he’s more appealing to far-right, libertarian sort of voters. I think he’s more likely to hurt Donald Trump than Joe Biden.” (Washington Post)

The Drake Lyrics Taxonomy: From Emo Drake to Horny Drake and everything in between, come with us on a journey as we sort through the rapper’s most famous lines and personalities. (The Ringer)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Michael Carmen, Co-Head of Private Markets at Wellington Management Company. The firm was founded in 1933, hired John C. Bogle in 1951, and today manages over $1 trillion dollars.


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Source: Wall Street Journal


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