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Pro-Palestine college activists harassed a journalist covering their protest and allegedly demanded to know her ethnicity as tensions on US campuses continue to escalate in the wake of the Middle East conflict. 

Kassy Dillon, a video journalist with Fox News, said she was targeted after leaving an anti-Israel protest at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. 

‘As I was leaving, two guys kept asking me my ethnicity,’ she tweeted on Thursday. ‘When I got into my car, I was approached by a group of the protesters demanding to know my address and phone number.’ 

The aggressive exchange comes as pro-Palestine groups across America sparked outrage at their support for Hamas‘ brutal attack that killed 1,300 Israelis, with tempers flaring from the other side as Israel launches retaliatory sieges on the Gaza Strip

Dillon shared footage of a hostile confrontation where she was repeatedly asked to identify herself for ‘legal reasons’ 

Video journalist Kassy Dillon claimed that anti-Israel protestors demanded to know her ethnicity as she reported on their demonstration

Pro-Palestine students march on the campus of the University of Massachusetts

Hostile protests conducted by Israeli and Palestinian supporters have erupted across college campuses 

Dillon shared footage of the aftermath of the alleged confrontation, where the college activists are seen demanding to have her number. 

‘You can not have my number,’ Dillon fires back. 

One of the protestors asks her she can contact the reporter for ‘legal reasons’, to which Dillon responds: ‘There are no legal reasons to do it… I gave you my name, you can go look it up.’ 

Another activist, who also appeared to record the hostile interaction, then joins in demands for the reporter to repeat her name.

Kassy Dillon was previously the US news editor for Jewish News Syndicate and worked for Nikki Haley

‘I’ll have my lawyers contact you that way, okay?’ the protestor adds. ‘Have a terrible night.’ 

Dillon said she had two security guards with her at the protest, and said she was ‘just filming’ and ‘didn’t even speak to anyone who followed me to the garage.’ 

The journalist, who was previously the US news editor for Jewish News Syndicate and worked for Nikki Haley, also posted an Instagram promotion of the protest, which was posted by the university’s ‘Students for Justice in Palestine‘ group. 

The ‘day of resistance’ rally poster was accompanied by a caption reading: ‘All out for Palestine. Be there this Thursday. Meet outside the student union with keffiyehs, flags, and posters. 

‘We will be marching in solidarity with Palestinians breaking out of their open air prison.’ 

Dillon shared a flyer advertising the anti-Israel protest, which declared ‘solidarity with Palestinians breaking out of their open air prison’

Some students across the country have sparked backlash after showing support for Palestine in the wake of the brutal Hamas attack 

After the protest at the U.Mass campus, Dillon shared footage purporting to show activists threatening her with legal action 

The anti-Israel protest was countered on campus by pro-Israel activists, who said they were disgusted at the language used by those supporting Hamas’ barbaric attacks over the last week. 

‘I was overwhelmed by how many people came out to support what I think is just terrible,’ Olive, a Jewish college student, told Fox News

‘It’s a massacre of innocent civilians, and it should be strongly condemned, and instead they’re here celebrating this.’ 

Counter-protestor Hakan, a pro-Palestinian demonstrator, countered as he claimed that it was a ‘very peaceful protest’ marred by ‘some people (who) came to try and make a scene.’ 

‘Palestine will be free,’ he added. 

‘They are supporting a terrorist organization,’ fired back Milana, another attendee at the fierce rally. ‘They are not supporting Palestinians who want peace with Israel. They are supporting a deep-rooted hate of Jews. It’s unjust.’ 

Similarly antagonistic protests have sparked up across the nation, leading Republican Senator Josh Hawley to call for the Department of Justice to investigate pro-Palestine student groups on college campuses after they held anti-Israel protests. 

Happing now : Students chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” during a protest on Columbia university campus in New York pic.twitter.com/8QKK1qefM3

— Davide Lerner (@DavideLerner) October 12, 2023

California State University’s La Fuerza Student Association has been slammed for its ‘sickening’ and distasteful pro-Palestine protest poster (pictured) which depicts a paraglider

Republican Josh Hawley has called for the Department of Justice to investigate pro-Palestine student groups on college campuses

Students at the University of Washington and Georgetown University were among those who gathered to praise the terrorists, with a Harvard group sparking widespread outrage as it blamed Israel for the attack. 

The California State University’s La Fuerza Student Association has also come under fire for a ‘sickening’ pro-Palestine proster depicting a paraglider, a method used by Hamas terrorists to enter a music festival on Saturday before massacring at least 260 people.  

Speaking on Fox News on Thursday, the Missouri senator slammed organizations at Ivy league schools like Harvard and Columbia, which have supported the terrorists’ actions as justified. 

‘[Hamas] would kill every Jew in the world if they could. That’s what these terrorists want. And to be silent in the face of that or to celebrate it as these crazy student groups are doing?,’ Hawley told Sean Hannity.

‘What I want to know, Sean, is who’s funding these student groups? I hope that the DOJ is investigating where the money is coming from. Are there terror groups who are part of these networks who are infiltrating our campuses?

‘I mean, this is crazy stuff that we’re seeing on these campuses. And for these administrators to have their hand out to take federal money, taxpayer money, and at the same time be silent or silently condone this kind of terrorism is just it is grotesque.’ 

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