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Follow Mail Sport’s live blog as Logan Paul takes on Dillon Danis in a bitter grudge match from the AO Arena, Manchester plus get updates from the undercard.

Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate Nate

Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate Nate is the next fight on the cards in a clash of the influencers.

There’s had been lots of interviews talking about how many followers they have in the build-up but it’s My Mate Nate who ultimaely comes out on top where it matters; the ring.

All of the judges score the fight 40-36 in favour of My Mate Nate, who is representing Thailand in the fight.

The stage is set…

NichLmao & Alex Wassabi vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda & BDave

The first fight of the night on the main card is a tag-team one as NichLmao & Alex Wassabi take on Luis Alcaraz Pineda & BDave.

With the first-ever Misfits tag-team championship on the line, the bout was an interesting one to see play out… and it wasn’t to the result the crowd wanted.

Loud boos can be heard in Masnchester as the fight is announced as a draw.

One of the judges scores it 39-37 to Pineda & BDave, the next sees it 39-37 for Wassabi & NichLmao, the final judge scores it 38-38.

Dillon Danis has dominated the headlines – and made most of them himself – in the buildup to his bout with Logan Paul and not for the right reasons.

Despite both fighters seeking the advantage in the mind games stakes over one another, it was Danis who took their feud to an entirely different and toxic level.

Paul’s fiancee, model Nina Agdal, has been caught in the firing line as Danis reuglarly used her to target his oponent.

Day by day, he began to post half-naked pictures of Agdal, and even shared a private video in which she discussed her sexual cravings.

The end result was a restraining order and a lawsuit from the Dane against Danis.

Mail Sport delves back over a grizzly past couple of months.

Good evening!

Good evening and welcome to MailSport’s coverage of the highly-anticipated grudge match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.

There has been weeks-long buildup of back-and-forth trolling from both sides, setting the scene for what is set to be a highly tense and thrilling matchup when the two finally face each other in the ring tonight in Manchester.

Buckle up because we’ll be brining you all the buildup, live updates, action and, of course, the drama as Paul takes on Danis.


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