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Hamas terrorists planned to attack elementary schools and a youth center in an Israeli kibbutz, with the instructions to ‘kill as many people as possible’.

Documents found on the bodies of dead fighters at the Kfar Sa’ad kibbutz, obtained by NBC News, detail their horrifying intentions.

An IDF soldier told NewsNation that he had seen plans stating: ‘Hunt and kill everything that moves. Pets, animals. Babies, infants.’

The soldier added: ‘It is clear it was written for them and what we are seeing is proof of that.’

It was not clear where he found the plans.

The NBC plans from Kfar Sa’ad are labeled ‘Top Secret’ in Arabic, and feature maps and orders.

Documents found on the bodies of dead Hamas terrorists detailed their plans to attack Kfar Sa’ad

One document translated by NBC shows that ‘Combat unit 1’ was told to ‘contain the new Da’at school’.

The document instructs ‘Combat unit 2’ to ‘collect hostages,’ ‘search the Bnei Akiva youth center’ and ‘search the old Da’at school.’

Another page, NBC said, was labeled ‘Top Secret Maneuver’ and laid out Hamas’ intentions to encircle the community, specifying how many jeeps and motorbikes should approach from each side.

One unit was to take control of the east side of Kfar Sa’ad, while another holds the western line.

The document orders the terrorists ‘kill as many as possible’ and ‘capture hostages.’

Other orders include surrounding a dining hall and holding hostages in it.

Surveillance camera footage shows terrorists appearing to carry out the plan.

Palestinians transport a captured Israeli civilian, center, from Kfar Aza kibbutz into the Gaza Strip on Saturday

At least 260 were killed in the massacre while many are still missing – either dead or taken hostage by the bloodthirsty militants

The death toll from the kibbutz, home to 800 people only two miles from the Gaza border, is not yet known.

In neighboring Kfar Aza, home to another 800, initial estimates suggest over 100 people were killed.

IDF sources told NBC News that the terrorists had similarly detailed plans for attacking other kibbutz, with shocking specificity.

The officials said it showed they deliberately sought out families and children.

‘The dental office, the supermarket, the dining hall,’ an Israel Defense Forces source said.

‘The level of specificity would cause anyone in the intelligence field’s jaw to drop.’

An armed Palestinian militant is seen walking around the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Reim in the Negev desert in southern Israel

One IDF official told NBC he was horrified by the detail in the planning, and the aim of ensuring maximum civilian casualties.

‘I’ve never seen this kind of detailed planning’ for a mass terrorist attack, he said.

Shocking footage shows Hamas preparing an attempt at a rocket-launcher grenade meant to fire into the Kfar Aza kibbutz.  

The footage, obtained by South First Responders, shows the militant terrorist group as they go about their assault.

‘There are men inside, be careful,’ someone is heard yelling in Arabic in one of the videos, according to CNN

‘The fighters and the Mujahideen have killed them.’ 

Another visual shows some of the militants next to a tree, preparing the rocket-launcher, which seems to be malfunctioning.

Shocking footage shows Hamas preparing an attempt at a rocket-launcher grenade meant to fire into the Kfar Aza kibbutz amid their surprise attack that has killed 1,500 people so far

‘What’s wrong with it, what’s the defect?,’ a Hamas member asks. 

The clips show the Hamas fighters – armed with rifles and clad in bulletproof vests – walk through the kibbutz, with gunshots ringing out in the background. 

The bullet-riddled bodies of Israeli residents now lay in the grounds of the kibbutz among burned out houses, strewn furniture and torched cars. 

Solemn Israeli soldiers went from house to house to take away the scores of people massacred there. 

Israeli troops were going house to house to retrieve civilian bodies in body bags. They had not been able to take them before as they were still fighting gunmen and working through booby-traps.

One soldier shouted: ‘Tell the world what you saw here.’

Soldiers were still securing the paths of the kibbutz, which had single-story houses with verandas, palm trees and banana plants, as bursts of gunfire and explosions could be heard in the distance.

‘What the journalists saw today is a massacre: children, women and elderly who were butchered,’ said Nir Dinar, an Israeli Defense Force spokesman.

‘These are animals, worse than Isis.’ 

He said that the casualties numbered in ‘dozens’, adding ‘we are still counting’.

The footage, obtained by South First Responders, shows the militant terrorist group as they go about their assault

IDF Lotar unit soldiers are slowly checking the Kibbutz in Kfar Aza

Soldiers crying at the sight of a family dining table on which there is still Challah bread from Friday’s Kiddush

IDF soldiers are still looking through Kfar Aza days after the massacre began

Israel’s military on Friday ordered hundreds of thousands of civilians living in Gaza City to evacuate ahead of a feared Israel ground offensive. 

The directive came on the heels of what the United Nations said was a warning it received from Israel to evacuate 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza within 24 hours.

Suffering in Gaza has been rising dramatically, with Palestinians desperate for food, fuel and medicine – and the territory’s only power plant shut down for lack of fuel. 

The morgue at Gaza’s biggest hospital overflowed as bodies came in faster than relatives could claim them.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Israel on Friday, a day after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The war has claimed at least 3,200 lives on both sides since Hamas launched an incursion on October 7.

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