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Shocking footage has captured the moment a beachgoer walked around with a Swastika drawn on his back in front of stunned families. 

The man was spotted with the emblem drawn on his back with sunscreen at Hillarys Boat Harbour, in Perth‘s north, on Saturday.

Footage of the man was posted to TikTok by a horrified local, who described him as a ‘disgusting human’.

Sorrento Beach is just metres away from the location where families were playing with their children as temperatures climbed above 30C.

It is the latest public display of Nazi symbols across Australia, after dozens of masked men gathered in Melbourne performing Nazi salutes and carrying a banner reading ‘Expose Jewish Power’ at Flinders Street train station on Saturday.

Three men were arrested on Friday outside Sydney‘s Jewish Museum after allegedly performing similar Nazi salutes just outside of the landmark.

A ‘disgusting human’ has been spotted around families and children at Perth’s Hillarys Boat Harbour on Saturday with a Swastika painted on his back (pictured)

Jay Lazarus, a Jewish man who took the footage at Perth, said he was sick to  his stomach after seeing the man walk past him and his nephew.

He told Daily Mail Australia there were thousands of people, mostly children and families, at the beach.

‘This young guy walk past me and I was like, hang on a second, what is that?’ Mr Lazarus said.

‘I just grabbed my godson and picked him up and walk away. There were a lot of people around us, I didn’t want to get involved.

‘I don’t want to be anywhere near what could potentially go down with this sort of hate crime.’

He said the man had ‘no care whatsoever’ about having the Nazi symbol on his back.

Upon showing his sister and mother the footage, he said they were left shocked and said: ‘What the f***?’ 

Mr Lazarus said he was already on edge having ‘a lot of family and friends in Israel.’

‘It’s affected me a lot more than I thought it would,’ he said.

On Saturday, Daily Mail Australia revealed video footage of a group of masked men and woman throwing banned Nazi salutes and carrying a banner reading ‘Expose Jewish Power’ at Flinders Street train station.

The group, identifying themselves as from the National Socialist Network, stormed through the station before boarding a suburban train where they terrified passengers on board by taunting them and singing white supremacist songs.

Families flocked to the popular beach to escape from the over 30 degree day and were instead 

But the protestors, dressed all in black including face masks, weren’t the only ones engaging in offensive behaviour in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A closer look at the video footage reveals a young man throwing his hands up in the air and yelling ‘Heil Hitler!’ while the protestors march inside the station towards their preferred platform.

Just a day prior, three men were arrested and charged with behave in offensive manner in/near public place/school, and knowingly display by public act Nazi symbol without excuse.

It’s understood the trio – aged 30, 31, and 40 – allegedly performed Nazi salutes while intoxicated outside the museum Darlinghurst shortly after midday on Friday. 

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