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It is a common cliché in TV shows and films that offering a date a late-night inside for a coffee is done in the hopes of securing a steamy night under the covers.

But could a cup of coffee actually improve sex? An NHS surgeon has talked through the potential benefits of a caffeine hit before ‘doing the deed’.

One TikTok user also claimed to have put the theory to the test, with positive results.

The voluntary participant in the study simply reacted by saying: ‘That was wild.’

Dr Karan Rajan then jumped in and outlined why she might have found the experience so intense after her triple espresso.

NHS surgeon Dr Karan Rajan (right) has analysed a claim on TikTok that drinking coffee can lead to better sex

He explained that this could be the case because a high dose of caffeine will increase blood flow to your ‘crown jewels’

He explained that at lower doses, caffeine tends to have a vasoconstricting effect, meaning it tightens your veins and slows blood flow around the body.

However, at higher doses – a triple espresso, perhaps – it has a vasodilating effect, which increases blood flow around the body, including the ‘crown jewels’.

He added: ‘Arousal, and orgasms, are largely based on the amount of blood flowing to your crown jewels.

‘The better your circulation, the more flow to your erectile tissue, thus the more likely you are to reach peak states of arousal.’

But Dr Rajan qualified his explanation by admitting that there had been limited research into whether this really works in practice.

He pointed to a 2005 study which showed that female rats which had been given a dose of caffeine demonstrated heightened sexual motivation.

But, as many of us know, caffeine is a stimulant which makes us more active and focused in a range of contexts, so perhaps sex is just another one of them.

‘There’s no real hard science as to whether coffee could make or break your big trip to o-town,’ he concluded.

‘But it does seem like a fairly benign experiment, so do whatever you need to do to float your erogenous boat.’ 

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