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A lone man brandishing an Israeli flag was chased down a London street and surrounded on Saturday by furious pro-Palestine protesters after two women were spotted with images of paragliders stuck to their jackets in an apparent reference to Hamas militants.

Dramatic video footage shared online showed pro-Palestinian protesters’ anger boiling over as they were seen trampling on Israeli flags, before the man with his own flag had to be encircled by police officers for protection.

It came during nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies on Saturday which saw thousands take to the streets of cities including London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman today issued a stark warning to demonstrators, accusing some of glorifying terrorism and promoting genocide, as she said: ‘The police are coming for you.’ 

Tensions were high at the London rally yesterday amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, which controls Palestine with its population of more than two million and is widely seen as a terrorist group.

A few scuffles broke out at the otherwise largely peaceful demonstrations, which were marred by the pictures of paragliders and a separate incident in Glasgow in which a woman was filmed shouting: ‘Don’t forget where the Jews were in 1940.’

The main video of the moment we took back the Israeli flag from Khamenei’s Basijis in front of the UK’s Foreign Office.

فیلم اصلی لحظه پس گرفتن پرچم اسرائیل از بسیجیان خامنه ای

تنها راه باقی مانده برای ما #خیابان است.

قسم به خون یاران ایستاده ایم تا پایان

#مهسا_امینی⁩… pic.twitter.com/rx0apM5RzI

— Vahid Beheshti (@Vahid_Beheshti) October 14, 2023

Police officers created a barricade around the man as pro-Palestinian protesters shouted abuse

People in one video shared on X were seen with an image of paragliders stuck to their backs

Protesters let off smoke canisters in central London as they gather in support of Palestinians

Footage recorded outside the UK’s Foreign Office showed a lone man with an Israeli flag running from dozens of pro-Palestine protesters before he is knocked to the ground.

One person appears to be shouting ‘submit’ as the man, who wears a black coat, scrambles to get on his feet again and pick up his flag.

Protesters then continue to chase him for a short distance as police officers attempt to catch up, with one telling everyone to ‘calm down’.

An officer is then able to grab the man, placing himself between him and the other protesters, as two other officers grapple with protesters.

Fortunately for the man, around a dozen officers arrive within seconds and quickly encircle him as protesters continue to shout abuse at him. 

Officers quickly pushed protesters away from the man, shouting at them to get back, as others fight their way through the mob to reinforce them.

Multiple protesters were seen filming the incident on their phones, with one using a selfie stick to get a better view. 

Elsewhere, a photo emerged of two young women who had sellotaped a picture of a paraglider on the back of their jackets in apparent reference to the Hamas incursion into Israel.

One of the women could be heard chanting: ‘The UK is a terrorist state’. 

Protestors gather in Whitehall, outside Downing Street, on October 14, 2023 

Protesters march near to Whitehall in London on Saturday

Police officers arrest a protester close to Downing Street during a March for Palestine

The Pro-Palestine protest in London has turned ugly as activists started hurling objects at police

Militants used paragliders to sail over the border fence and gain access to southern Israel, where they kidnapped more than 100 people and killed 1,300. 

At a desert music festival on a Jewish holiday last Saturday, some of the paragliders left the world shocked and horrified after they attacked revellers from the air with machine guns, slaughtering 250 people.

Elsewhere, Hamas terrorists all but wiped out villages and burnt entire families in their homes, also killing babies and reportedly decapitating them.

In response, Israel has besieged the entire Gaza strip, prompting accusations of war crimes, and launched a non-stop bombardment which has so far killed more than 2,300 Palestinians.

Ahead of an expected ground invasion, crowds took to the UK’s streets to protest in solidarity with suffering Palestinians – but some went further.

In Glasgow, one protestor was seen appearing to goad Jewish people about the Holocaust, telling them: ‘Don’t forget where the Jews were in 1940.’ 

The clip, which appears to have been filmed in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street, shows a woman wearing a Palestinian flag as a cape and a black and white keffiyeh – a scarf that has become a symbol of support for Palestinian people.

She gestures and swears at an unseen person off-screen, before making reference to Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust, which killed approximately six million Jewish people.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman issued a stark warning to demonstrators at pro-Palestine rallies, some of whom she said were involved in glorifying terrorism.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, she said: ‘Thank you to police officers who worked so hard yesterday in difficult circumstances to manage tens of thousands of protesters.

‘Numerous arrests were made as a result of pockets of disorder, violence and hate.

Palestine flags and supportive placards are waved as people chanted, with Metropolitan Police and community support officers stationed nearby

Police officers make an arrest in Trafalgar Square on October 14, 2023. The Met said 15 had been arrested in London this evening

Protesters holding Palestinian flags climb the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus during a ‘March For Palestine’, part of a pro-Palestinian national demonstration, in London on October 14

‘To all those who saw fit to promote genocide, glorify terrorism and mock the murder of Jewish people, including women and babies – the police are coming for you.’

Other clips showed police officers in London being forced in intervene after a small number of protesters were seen trampling over an Israeli flag.

One protester can be heard making an emotional plea to the group of young men to stop, saying: ‘We don’t do this. Stop. It’ll make us look bad, they’ll call us terrorists.’ 

The Met Police deployed more than 1,000 officers for the protests amid fear of clashes – and dozens secured a ring of steel around the Israel Embassy to block activists who marched towards the building from central London. 

A total of 15 people were arrested in London, including for criminal damage. 

The London protest started at Portland Place at around 12pm and was due to finish at Whitehall at 3pm. 

But huge crowds carried on marching through the heart of the capital to nearby Trafalgar Square, where tempers flared as police appeared to arrest a man up against the iconic plinth. One activist launched a firework towards officers.

Police were forced to intervene with batons to get the crowd to disperse. 

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