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Ron DeSantis doesn’t want the United States taking in any Palestinian refugees fleeing Gaza in the fallout of Hamas‘ terrorist attack on Israel. 

The Florida governor reiterated on Sunday that not a single Palestinian refugee should come to the U.S. – and instead Arab nations should open their doors to those evacuating Gaza amid Israeli counter strikes.

He said that Palestinians’ ‘toxic culture’ of teaching people to hate Jewish people and Israel should not be allowed to spread or be welcomed into the U.S.

‘The U.S. should not be absorbing any Gaza refugees,’ DeSantis told CBS News Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan.

Presidential hopeful, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Sunday that the U.S. shouldn’t take in any Palestinian refugees fleeing Gaza in the fallout of Hamas terrorist attack on Israel 

DeSantis says while not all Palestinians are Hamas terrorists, they did elect the government and are engaged in a ‘toxic culture’ of teaching generations to hate Jewish people and the state of Israel

He added: ‘Neighboring Arab nations should open their borders and absorb them.’

In a single day of destruction last Saturday, Israel saw the largest single-day killing of Jewish people since the Holocaust in World War II when Hamas terrorists launched a multi-front attack. In that single day, at least 600 Israelis died in the attacks.

Israeli leaders warned Palestinians to evacuate from the northern Gaza Strip to avoid planned counter attacks on Hamas. But DeSantis doesn’t want the fleeing Palestinians to come to the U.S.

‘Not everyone’s a member of Hamas, most probably aren’t, but they did elect Hamas,’ the 2024 hopeful said in reasoning why it’s best to not allow America to absorb the impending refugee crisis from the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

Since Hamas terrorists attacked last week, at least 1,300 Israelis died and more than 3,400 were wounded.

Palestinian authorities claim at least 2,215 were killed and nearly 9,000 wounded after Israel launched counter airstrikes on Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration confirmed there are at least 29 Americans who died in Israel and 15 U.S. citizens are missing – and presumed to be held hostage in Gaza.

Republicans are highly critical of Democrats and their response to the conflict in Israel, claiming that pushes by President Joe Biden and his administration for ceasefires are a way of going against Israel’s right to defend themselves.

A young Palestinian sits on a rubble of destroyed home after Israel launched counter strikes following Hamas terrorist attacks. Israel warned innocent Palestinians to evacuate unless they wanted to be caught in the crossfires of war

DeSantis, while distinguishing innocent Palestinians from Hamas terrorists, said it was these people who ‘celebrated’ the attacks on Israel, where thousands of innocent people were targeted.

‘There was a lot of celebrating of those attacks in the Gaza Strip by a lot of those folks who are not Hamas,’ DeSantis said during his Sunday morning interview. ‘But if you look at their education system, this has been an issue for a long time. They teach kids to hate Jews. The textbooks do not have Israel even on the map.’

Of Palestinian people, DeSantis said: ‘They prepare very young kids to commit terrorist attacks. So, I think it’s a toxic culture.’

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