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Warren Mundine has slammed SBS’s Indigenous channel after he was booted off a debate about the Voice referendum for challenging Yes campaigner Marcia Langton.

The leading No campaigner was interviewed on Saturday night after his side won the referendum, when host Narelda Jacobs shut him down after he  criticised Yes campaigner Prof. Langton.

On Sunday, Mr Mundine – who was an SBS board member from 2020 to 2022 – told The Australian that the interview on National Indigenous Television was ‘biased and disgraceful’ and made him out as ‘a redneck No voter’.

‘That SBS interview was the worst interview that I’ve ever been involved in within the entire 12-month campaign,’ he said.

He said Jacobs ‘had taken a side because she allowed Marcia (Langton) to say we had a racist campaign. It’s a lie.

‘The whole program and the presenters were totally biased. She (Ms Langton) is a national treasure and I’m just a redneck No voter.’

Warren Mundine (pictured) has unleashed on Indigenous activist Marcia Langton live on air 

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Australia has overwhelmingly rejected the Voice to Parliament, but several heavily populated parts of the country voted Yes. 


The heated row started when he said the Yes camp failed to show voters how the Voice would fix issues facing Indigenous Australians.

‘They couldn’t see anything, no one gave them details about how it was going to fix anything. It was almost like a magic wand,’ he said.

That sparked protest from Jacobs, who argued Ms Langton had ‘given the detail everybody needed’ in the Calma-Langton report.

The 2021 report, which Ms Langton cowrote with Professor Tom Calma, suggested the basis of the Voice, proposing a committee of 24 people around the nation to give advice to government on Indigenous policy.

‘I can’t be here in good conscience as a journalist and not put to you, that you are at odds with a majority of First Nations people,’ Jacobs told Mr Mundine, who launched into a scathing attack on Ms Langton – claiming ‘she racially abused this country’.

‘She called Australia a racist country. She has no credibility in this. She needs to get out and actually meet Australians. Australians are not racist. They are incredible people.

‘They want to make sure that Aboriginal people have a good life and be part of the Australian opportunities. 

‘So I am not going to take any comments from a person who thinks that we are a racist country,’ he said.

In response, Ms Langton said Mr Mundine was igniting racial tensions for political gain and taking her words at a forum during the campaign out of context.

She came under fire for telling voters in Bunbury, WA that No campaign tactics were based in racism or stupidity.

‘Every time the No cases raise their arguments, if you start pulling it apart you get down to base racism, I’m sorry to say that’s where it lands, or sheer stupidity,’ she said at the time.

Mr Mundine appeared on the broadcaster’s results coverage, where host and Channel 10 journalist Narelda Jacobs (pictured) shut him down after he unleashed on Yes campaigner Marcia Langton

Ms Langton said Mr Mundine was using ‘a Trumpian play. Right out of the (Donald Trump adviser) Steve Bannon play book’.

‘Create racial division by lying and then accuse me of being a provocateur.’

Mr Mundine immediately began talking over Ms Langton to accuse her of ‘lying’ before Jacobs intervened and cut him off.

‘We are not going to sit here and take you abusing a national treasure like Marcia Langton who never said that Australians were racist and her words were twisted,’ she said.

As Mr Mundine tried to continue talking over her, the program cut him off air.

‘We’ve just seen who Warren Mundine is,’ Jacobs said, as Mr Mundine, who was one of the most prominent Indigenous people opposing the Voice to Parliament, was removed from the discussion.

An SBS spokeswoman said the program hosts had to ‘ensure that it remained fact based, constructive and a safe space for discussion’. 

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