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President Donald Trump will today say he plans to expand his travel ban to include people from the Palestinian territory of Gaza in the wake of the Hamas terror attack on Israel.

In a speech in Clive, Iowa, he will also say Americans have been disgusted by anti-Israel protests on college campuses and will promise to deport resident aliens with ‘jihadist sympathies.

‘I banned refugees from Syria, I banned refugees from Somalia, and from all the most dangerous places in the world—and in my second term, we are going to expand each and every ban to keep America safe,’ he will say, according to excerpts of the speech shared with DailyMail.com.

‘We aren’t bringing in anyone from Gaza or Syria or Somalia or Yemen, or Libya, or anywhere else that threatens our security.’

Hamas killed 1300 people last weekend when its gunmen fanned out from Gaza in an orgy of murder. 

Donald Trump, seen at a campaign rally in New Hampshire earlier this month, is bringing a data protection claim against Orbis Business Intelligence

Trump has used the mass atrocity to revive his travel ban, one of his signature promises from the 2016 campaign.

‘In addition, we will aggressively deport resident aliens with jihadist sympathies,’ he will say.

‘In the wake of the attacks on Israel, Americans have been disgusted to see open support for terrorists among the legions of foreign nationals on college campuses. 

‘Under the Trump administration, we will revoke the student visas of radical anti-American and anti-Semitic foreigners at our colleges and universities—and we will send them straight back home.

‘Likewise, the mobs of pro-Hamas barbarians we saw in the streets of New York and other cities last week have no place in America. 

‘Jewish mothers and fathers should never have to send their children to school fearing they will be shot or stabbed on a so-called “Day of Jihad.”‘ 

Trump promised to impose a ban on Muslims entering the country during the 2016 race.

When he took power he used an executive order to ban travel into the U.S. from seven countries, most of them predominantly Muslim.

However, the ban was revised numerous times in the face of legal challenges. It was eventually rewritten to cover Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, all with majority Muslim populations, as well as North Korea and Venezuela.

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