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A famously foul-mouthed fruit shop owner has divided Aussies after sharing a video of a car running over a Yes23 campaign sign.

John Kapiris, who runs Adelaide-based St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market, shared the clip to his business’ Facebook page on Sunday.

Footage was taken from inside the car showing the vehicle deliberately drive over a Yes23 sign that had been set up in the middle of a roundabout. 

Mr Kapiris has firmly denied he was behind the wheel and clarified the footage had actually been sent in to him.

The grocer is most well-known for his expletive-laden tirades against big supermarkets charging customers exorbitant prices for their produce.

He made headlines in 2022 when he was pepper-sprayed by police and drew attention again in August after using a derogatory term to describe the Australian women’s soccer team. 

John Kapiris is a famously foul-mouthed fruit shop owner known for his outrageous and polarising rants and stunts 

Mr Kapiris posted footage of the car running over the Yes sign with the caption: ‘Oops easy daisy, I done myself a small detour.’

The footage was shared the day after Australia voted down the Voice referendum with all states voting No. 

Social media users were left divided after Mr Kapiris shared the footage. 

Some criticised the fruit shop owner. 

‘Careful Australia, karma works in mysterious ways,’ one wrote. 

Others threw their support behind the grocer.

‘Brilliant,’ wrote one comment with 130 likes.  

‘Yep I would of done the same thing,’ another said.

‘Was that the only one? Great driving. 10/10’ a further comment read. 

Mr Kapiris insisted he was not the driver behind the wheel of the vehicle captured in the footage. 

‘I didn’t do it,’ he told Yahoo News.

‘I know who did but that stays between us. Just got it sent to me, they shared it via text. I didn’t do the crime. 

‘I have a Mercedes — I wouldn’t.’ 

In August Mr Kapiris released a controversial video cheering on the Australian women’s soccer team before their World Cup semi-final where he described the Matildas as ‘carpet munchers’, a derogatory term for gay women.

Mr Kapiris told Daily Mail Australia at the time he had no regrets about the video and stands by his comments, but insists he’s not homophobic. 

‘The response has been 95 per cent positive. The rest are just online trolls who don’t have a funny bone in their bodies,’ he said.

The video posted to the fruit shop Facebook page shows a Yes23 sign being deliberately run over

Mr Kapiris pictured in his car, which he said is a Mercedes, along with his wife Leannda

‘They can do whatever they want.

‘All of my customers love me. They know that I’m not homophobic and nor that I’m a racist.’

‘It wasn’t a slur against anyone.’

He added that members of his family are gay and urged those outraged by his comments to lighten up.

‘They need to get a funny bone somewhere, I’ve been called lots of names including ‘fatty,’ Mr Kapiris added.

‘I don’t care about the trolls. They’re just a minority.’

In 2022 Mr Kapiris was pepper sprayed by police at his store during an arrest for indecent exposure over a skit he did wearing his underpants outside an Aldi store.

The charges were later dropped.

Mr Kapiris achieved a type of cult status in mid-June for his expletive ridden tirades at the prices being charged for produce by the bigger retailers.

‘Every f***er in Australia and the world is using inflation for an excuse to jack their f***ing prices up so they can f*** everyone,’ Mr Kapiris said.

‘You know why? Cos they’re money hungry f***s.’

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