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Level Lock has launched a new Wi-Fi bridge for its “invisible” smart locks that pack all their tech into the deadbolt. But apparently, there’s no room in there for Matter or Thread. | Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

This week, smart lock maker Level announced a new Wi-Fi bridge for its locks to enable “remote access and integrations with smart home technology platforms,” including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Welcome to 2015, Level.

Instead of embracing what are being touted as the future technologies of the smart home — Matter and Thread — Level has released the Level Connect, a $79 Wi-Fi bridge that plugs into an outlet and acts as a bridge between its lock’s Bluetooth radio and your internet router, so it can be controlled remotely and work with cloud-enabled smart home platforms.

Why is Level resorting to the old ways when it could implement Matter and Thread?

The Wi-Fi bridge was developed for the earliest smart locks (the August Lock got…

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