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Drop’s idea is that you’ll switch the keyboard’s case to match its keycaps. | Image: Drop

Drop has launched the first in a lineup of new keyboards called the CSTM80. The CSTM name alludes to the keyboard’s customizability. In addition to being able to change its keycaps and switches with a simple pulling tool, the top of its case is also magnetically attached so you can simply lift it off to change its look.

Being able to customize the look of a keyboard is nothing new, but typically, the focus is on swapping out just a keyboard’s keycaps. Making it easier to swap a case alongside a set of keycaps should let you match the colors and designs of both for a more cohesive look.

Image: Drop
A selection of the cases available for the CSTM80.

If you want to go down the custom route, Drop is selling a…

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