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At least two House Republicans are voting against Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House because he refuses to say that the 2020 election was not stolen and Biden won.

Arthur Delaney of HuffPost tweeted:

Ken Buck tells me won’t vote for Jim Jordan. Cites his refusal to disavow false statements about election fraud and his involvement in or knowledge of what would happen on Jan 6

— Arthur Delaney (@ArthurDelaneyHP) October 17, 2023

Jim Jordan has not been answering reporter questions this morning about the 2020 election.

Two Republicans have been trying in party meetings to get Jordan to disavow Donald Trump’s lies. He won’t.

— Arthur Delaney (@ArthurDelaneyHP) October 17, 2023

There have not been pre-victory celebrations for Jordan and his supporters, because they still don’t know if he will have the votes to be elected speaker.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) has been a steadfast no on Jim Jordan because Jordan will not disavow his lies that the 2020 election was stolen.

The fact that Jordan refuses to answer questions from his own conference members about the 2020 election should tell all of them what they need to know about how he would run the House as speaker. If Jordan is already ignoring questions from his own party before he has even got the job, any promise or commitment that he makes now should be viewed as worthless.

There are at least a couple of principled Republicans who are willing to put the country first and not elevate an insurrectionist election denier to second in line for the presidency.

Let’s see how many more are willing to put country first.

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