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A Palestinian girl trapped in Gaza has described the horror of living amid constant bombing and insists ‘nowhere is safe’.

Zaina, 13, has been fearing for her life amid Israeli air strikes and has been left scared that she may lose loved ones.

After Hamas‘ launched its attack last Saturday, Israel began a campaign of air attacks across Gaza in revenge.

Zaina and her family had to flee Gaza City and head south, to an area that Israel assured them would be safe. 

In an emotional message shared with The Mirror, she said that they suddenly had to leave on the first day of Israel’s attacks, without knowing where they were going or if they would be safe.

Zaina and her family had to leave Gaza City and head south, to an area that Israel assured them would be safe 

Palestinians search through the rubble of a building after an Israeli strike in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on October 17, 2023

A Palestinian reacts as he is helped across the rubble following an Israeli airstrike on buildings in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip on October 17, 2023

She pleaded with the outside world not to neglect the Palestinians in Gaza, adding that she hopes that ‘one day the world realises what we’re going through’.

Her message read: ‘Today, Israeli warplanes have struck near the Gaza border crossing of Rafah, not far from where Zaina and her family fled to.

‘This comes as Israel continues to ready for its ground invasion of Gaza which could see conflict intensify and even more people die. The World Health Organisation also warned that Gaza is down to its last 24 hours of fuel, electricity, and water.’

Zaina said that since the first day of the attack on Gaza she has not been in touch with her extended family and nor have her neighbours. This is due to them having to evacuate on the first day.

She said that when they did get chance to speak and to call one another it was only for minutes at a time, without knowing anything about the situation that they were in.

She added: ‘You start thinking about them, your neighbours, your family, what if you lose them. Your friends, you just can’t call them, sometimes then when you do call them they won’t respond and that is really hard and you start thinking about the things, what if something happened to them, what would you do? And everything is just going on in your head which is really, really hard. 

The Palestinian death toll from Israel’s bombardment of Gaza climbed to around 3,000 today. 

At least six people were killed in an Israeli air strike that hit a school run by the U.N.’s Palestinian refugee agency. 

The violence raged as Washington announced that U.S. President Joe Biden would visit Israel tomorrow to show support for its war on Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. 

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