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Police in Portugal are hunting for a group of British tourists after a teenager was attacked with a broken bottle and left for dead in Lisbon on Saturday.

Horrifying video shows the moment Daniel Galhanas, 19, was stabbed in the neck in the district of Bairro Alto around 4:30am this weekend.

Daniel was targeted while trying to defend his friend, one of several thieves from the Sintra Line gang who tried to rob the British tourists, according to local media. 

One tourist is seen launching a bottle at Daniel’s friend before stabbing the victim, running off as Daniel stumbles and collapses in a pool of blood in the street. 

Daniel went into cardiac arrest and was taken alive to São José Hospital after being found by volunteer firefighters – but did not survive his injuries.

The group is seen in an altercation on a Lisbon street around 4:30am on Saturday. Daniel is pictured wearing a black top and white trousers

The group of British tourists were seen clashing with a group understood to be thieves. Daniel came between the group and his friend, who was reportedly hit with a bottle

Video footage from above the street shows about a dozen people clashing in the road as cars pass at the intersection of Calçada do Combro and Largo do Calhariz.

Police say the gang targets foreign tourists on weekend evenings as they walk through the city after a night out.

The Judiciary Police are now investigating the case and say they have already questioned several witnesses. 

Stabbing victim Daniel Galhanas was first identified as one of the gang members who attacked the group of British tourists in Lisbon.

His parents have said he was not involved and only trying to help a friend when he was attacked.

According to the family, one of the tourists threw a bottle at Daniel’s friend after the group was approached.

The bottle broke and the unnamed suspect picked up the smashed bottle, using it to slash at Daniel, who had come between the group and his friend.

In the video, one man is seen staggering off after apparently being hit with something.

He joins another group of men watching on from the road as Daniel is apparently stabbed. 

The group of tourists is then seen in the video running away as Daniel is left bleeding in the street.

A team from the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department helped Daniel as they passed by before medical professionals took him to hospital.

Daniel was already in cardiac arrest when they arrived and did not survive his injuries. 

Authorities continue to search for the group of Englishmen, though the Judiciary Police admit they may have already left the country. 

From another view, the group of tourists is seen running off as Daniel bleeds out in the street

Around the corner, the group faces off with another group, seemingly the gang

In 2020, a British tourist was rushed to hospital in Portugal after being stabbed during a bungled street robbery while on a pilgrimage.

The 27-year-old woman was knifed in the arm by a masked mugger in Vialonga, north of Lisbon, on September 16.

Local reports said the criminal fled empty-handed after seeing the amount of blood she was losing.

Crime in Portugal is generally low and most crimes are non violent; the country is ranked the 6th most peaceful in the world. 

Source: | This article originally belongs to Dailymail.co.uk

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