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Even before 22 House Republicans rejected Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “Pretty soon, we’ll have Hakeem.”

As expected, Rep. Jordan (R-OH) did worse on his second ballot to become Speaker by losing an additional two Republican voters over yesterday’s number.

House Democrats have hinted at possibly helping Republicans end their leadership crisis, but they won’t do it for free and the cost won’t be cheap. Democrats want to pass appropriations bills, keep the government, and bring bipartisan bills to the floor that have been denied a vote under MAGA House control. Democrats also want aid to Ukraine.

Politico reported on a comment from former Speaker Pelosi who is as usual playing the long game:

Democrats are preparing for an extended day of voting as Republicans put Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan up for another round of balloting. The Ohio Republican is expected to still come up short of the majority required to win the gavel.

Democratic leaders are urging lawmakers to stay on the floor Wednesday ahead of expected procedural votes that would potentially empower McHenry. And Democrats are eagerly awaiting leadership’s signal on how to handle the imbroglio.

“Pretty soon we’ll have Hakeem. I trust his judgment,” former Speaker Nancy Pelosi told POLITICO in an interview.

As Leader Jeffries said on Tuesday, Democrats aren’t election deniers so don’t expect them to try to overturn the 2022 midterm election and install Jeffries as Speaker, but they are open to a reasonable coalition, and if five House Republicans want to cross over and vote for Jeffries, they are welcome to do.

Former Speaker Pelosi was correct.

It doesn’t look like a MAGA will be Speaker of the House, and soon enough, Democrats will take back the House and Hakeem Jeffries will be in charge.

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