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Elvis star Austin Butler oozed movie star magnetism on his new magazine cover as he bared his soul about his relationship with women.

The 32-year-old, who is currently dating 22-year-old Kaia Gerber, sat down with his Dune: Part Two co-star Josh Brolin to have a chat for Interview.

He channeled the sex symbols of the 1950s on the cover, leaving his white button-down half open to expose his plunging undershirt.

Inside the magazine, he revealed that he grew up able ‘to open up to women quicker’ than to men, thanks to his close bond with his mother and sister.

Nine years ago, he lost his mother Lori Ann to cancer, leaving a void in his life that he has attempted to fill by looking for ‘mother figures’ and ‘maternal energy.’

Sizzling sensation: Elvis star Austin Butler oozed movie star magnetism on his new magazine cover as he bared his soul about his relationship with women

Candor: Inside the magazine, he revealed that he grew up able ‘to open up to women quicker’ than to men, thanks to his close bond with his mother and sister

The way she was: Austin’s sister Ashley once posted this heart-melting photo with their mother Lori Ann, whom they lost to cancer nine years ago 

The subject arose when Josh asked whether Austin finds himself ‘surrounded more by women or men? And which do you prefer?’

‘That’s really interesting,’ replied Austin. ‘When I was growing up, more by women, because I grew up very close to my mom and my sister.’

Austin, who began his career as a child actor, said: ‘I found myself able to open up to women quicker, and once I started hanging out with men who were more like you, who could open up to me quicker, I started to realize it’s not about gender at all. It’s about human connection. That’s what I’m craving.’

As the conversation continued, he divulged: ‘I noticed that since losing my mom, I end up finding these mother figures in my life.’

One such connection was forged in 2021, when he spent several months in London shooting Steven Spielberg’s upcoming World War II series Masters Of The Air.

‘I have my London mom, Ruthie [Rogers], who runs The River Cafe. We played cards every Sunday night for about a year,’ said Austin. ‘I’d go over to her house, we’d cook, play cards, and just talk. I definitely crave that maternal energy.’

Ruthie still ‘calls me every other day,’ he shared. ‘And she’ll say: ‘I just want to say I love you, and I’m thinking about you, and do you need anything?’ And then I’ll say: ‘Do you need anything?’ That love is so needed.’

As his star ascends, Austin disclosed the ‘fear’ he harbors about fame, which ‘is that your world can become smaller. That suddenly, when you’re out in the world, you’re not looking people in the eyes as much when you’re walking down the street, because you’re closing yourself off in some way, and then you end up only feeling comfortable in rooms of people that you already know.’

Hot couple: The 32-year-old is currently dating Cindy Crawford’s 22-year-old  daughter Kaia Gerber, whom he is pictured with at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month

In demand: Austin’s wide-ranging interview touched on a variety of his upcoming releases, including Steve Spielberg’s World War II series Masters Of The Air

In the offing: He was interviewed by Josh Brolin, his co-star in Denis Villeneuve’s next offering Dune: Part Two, in which Austin is pictured 

Austin insisted: ‘I want to be able to be around people that I don’t know and feel like I’m really taking in the human condition.’ 

In a lighter moment, he also dished about how ‘surprised’ he was by Tom Hardy when they worked together on their upcoming crime drama The Bikeriders.

‘I pictured him to be this grizzly bear, always serious. And really, he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met,’ Austin marveled. ‘He’d be joking around until action is called, and then go into being the most intense guy I’d ever seen.’

The Hollywood heartthrob added: ‘It reminds me of the stories I heard of [Marlon] Brando, talking to the camera operator until the moment action is called.’

Austin told Josh: ‘I learned a lot from Tom. It reminds me of you, where you can be in that relaxed place where you’re receptive to your environment, and then when the time comes, you can click into what the scene demands.’

The interview went public just a couple of days after Austin was spotted enjoying a couple’s outing with Kaia, whose mother is the 1990s Supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Austin, who previously spent years dating Vanessa Hudgens, first became involved with Kaia in late 2021 before they went red carpet official last May. 

They confirmed their romance by appearing together at last year’s Met Gala and then jetted off to Cannes, where she supported him at the premiere of Elvis.


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