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A huge brawl has broken out between the families of a killer and his victim after the mother of the dead teenager called the murderer a ‘monster.’ Frank DeLeon Jr. (pictured left), 20, pleaded guilty during a hearing in a Houston courtroom Tuesday and admitted to fatally shooting his 16-year-old girlfriend Diamond Alvarez 22 times as she walked the family dog in January 2022. He is scheduled to be sentenced to 45 years in prison. 

Alvarez’s mom, Anna Machado, spoke during the hearing. When she finished, she left a witness stand and started to head toward DeLeon. A bailiff restrained her, but Alvarez’s uncle charged at the killer sparking the fight.

After order was restored, Machado did not regret her words, telling local media: ‘He’s a monster in my eyes. That would never change. Did he look remorseful at all? No. He was laughing at my face. (Like) it’s a joke. A life is not a joke. My daughter’s not a joke.’

She apologized for sparking the brawl and admitted it was ‘wrong.’ Despite the melee, Machado said she was happy that her daughter’s killer admitted to the crime. ‘I’ve been fighting for justice, and today, finally, my daughter has her justice,’ Machado told KHOU. ‘Our lives have stopped since that night. We’re like walking zombies. He got what he deserves and I’m going to focus on my family, and Diamond has her justice, and I just want to move forward.’ 

Alvarez’s uncle was taken into custody after the fight, though it’s unclear if he was charged with a crime. Video showed the uncle charging at the killer as three bailiffs and others in the court tried to stop the fight. One court security officer pulled a taser and had it pointed at the uncle, though its unclear if it was used. A bailiff pulled DeLeon away from the uncle as the judge quickly retreated from the courtroom. At the same time, DeLeon’s mother started to brawl with Machado.

After court security took the uncle to the ground, another woman ran up from the gallery and toward the uncle. That ignited another new fight as courtroom security tried again to get control of the courtroom. The entire incident lasted for about a minute. The scuffle was so intense deputies from other courtrooms were forced to respond and ended up breaking protocol by abandoning an accused domestic abuser in another courtroom who then absconded. 

Michael Devon Combs, 32, was left alone unhandcuffed and was able to undo his leg irons before escaping. He had not been located as of Tuesday evening. DeLeon (pictured) accepted a plea deal in court on Tuesday morning as he was supposed to face trial this week on the charges. Diamond had gone to meet DeLeon whilst walking her dog Peanut at around 9.30pm to confront him for dating her while he was in a long-term relationship with another girl. DeLeon shot her 22 times in the back, according to the Houston Police Department. 

Her family immediately became concerned after hearing gunshots and then discovering Peanut alone and covered in blood outside their door. Diamond (pictured) was discovered by her brother a couple of blocks from her southwest Houston home, near a field that was used as a neighborhood park. She was still alive and Machado attempted CPR unsuccessfully, with paramedics declaring her dead at the scene. 

It is not the first time the proceedings around the case have descended into chaos. Judge Hazel Jones had to call for security at her courtroom in Houston after Diamond’s brother Abel Alvarez charged at DeLeon in a previous hearing. During that hearing, families were in the courtroom for a hearing as DeLeon was freed on a $250,000 bond, but taken back into custody after his ankle monitor showed he had left house arrest without alerting authorities. Judge Hazel Jones reinstated DeLeon’s bond, after the ankle monitoring company admitted it could have been a glitch, and the teenager walked out of court with his relatives. Pictured: Diamond Alvarez (fourth from left to right) with her family members on New Year’s Eve. Read the full story: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12642771/Houston-Texas-courtroom-brawl-murder-Frank-DeLeon-Diamond-Alvarez.html?ito=msngallery

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