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TV fans are in for a throwback treat as BBC‘s classic children’s show, The Wombles, is said to be returning to our screens.

Elisabeth Beresford’s much repeated show first aired on BBC1 in 1973 and ended in 1975, meaning it has been half a century since it last aired any original episodes. 

While the exact release date has not been confirmed, the Wimbledon folk will carry on spreading their sustainability message to a new generation.

The classic episodes followed the adventures of pointy-nosed, furry creatures in their Wimbledon Common home.

With their ‘Make use of good rubbish’ motto, the show shot to fame for their work in gathering waste and turning it into something useful.

Throwback: TV fans are in for a throwback treat as BBC’s classic children’s show, The Wombles, is reportedly returning to our screens (stock)

Iconic: It has been exactly 50 years since the iconic show was on UK screens but the exact release date has not been confirmed (stock)

The show was loved by all as the colourful characters was adored by children and the environmentally friendly message of the programme pleased parents.

While the eco message is to stay the same, the modernising changes are still unknown.

The original series could be remastered this year to mark it’s half-century anniversary and now it’s been reported that a full-scale remake is in the works after Altitude Television became the latest firm to gain production rights.

The new series has been written by How To Train Your Dragon and Johnny English screenwriter Will Davies, according to Deadline.

The Wombles was first remade in 1998 and spanned three series after Cinar Films bought the rights to the show.

There was also a CGI follow-up in 2015, but this was short-lived after producer Mike Batt filed for bankruptcy after just two episodes on new Channel 5.

Pictured: Elizabeth Beresford with Great Uncle Bulgaria at her Alderney home (undated)

While the iconic show will get a reboot, there has yet to be a word on whether we will get another run at a Wombles musical career.

Mike Batt was keen to make his Wombles music stars and succeeded, with hit singles and several albums to their name.

Many may look forward to the reboot but last time there was talk of a reboot, a new, politically correct era led to an extraordinary row with the family of their creator. 

There were claims that a remake featuring ‘woke Wombles’ is a step too far.

The author’s son feared the furry recyclers of human rubbish will be drawn into the modern world of identity politics with the introduction of new and altered characters who may be gender-fluid or of different races. 

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