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The man who wrote the Australian rock classic Solid Rock has returned his Order of Australia medal in dismay about last weekend’s referendum on a First Nations voice.

Goanna frontman Shane Howard wrote the song, which speaks about dispossession of First Peoples, in the early 1980s.

On Wednesday, Howard sent his medal back to Governor-General David Hurley, along with a letter, saying at this point in history he can’t be proud of the nation after it had missed an opportunity with the failed referendum.

‘At its heart this is an Aboriginal country,’ he wrote.

Goanna frontman Shane Howard (pictured) has handed back his Order of Australia medal over the failed Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum

‘First Nations people watched Ice Ages come and go.

‘Ancient songlines re-enact the deep history of the oldest continuous culture and spirituality on earth.’

Howard said when he wrote Solid Rock 40 years ago he wanted to address the fundamental lie at the heart of Australia’s national story.

‘I dreamt of a country respectful of our ancient history and honest about our modern history,’ he said.

‘Colonisation was brutal for Aboriginal people and the hurt is deep.

‘The prosperity and privilege we enjoy in this country comes on the back of immeasurable suffering, unconscionable theft and abuse of First Peoples.’

Howard (pictured centre) said he ‘cannot be proud of my nation’ after the Voice referendum disaster 

Howard said the referendum campaign had seen the use of deliberate and well-resourced disinformation networks.

‘I’m also deeply troubled by the way our First Peoples, our brothers and sisters, our friends, have been so belittled, with such pernicious vilification, in the interests of political power, it’s neither generous nor decent,’ he said.

‘I love my birth country deeply but until we loose ourselves from our colonial shackles, engage in meaningful truth-telling and reality-making with our First Peoples and begin the journey to a post-colonial republic, I cannot be proud of my nation.’

Howard said on Tuesday he felt compelled to make his voice heard amid a torrent of ‘disinformation’.

‘What else can I do, I’m an artist,’ he told the ABC.

‘I copped an enormous amount of abuse that was very intimidating and at times, some stuff that was very, very racist through social media.

‘I would say it’s the first time we saw the Brexit or Trump style politics at play in the Australian political landscape.’

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