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A woman who calls herself a ‘human cat’ has revealed how she has more than 72 piercings, as it’s ‘how she expresses herself’.

Chiara Dell’Abate, 22, from Rome, also known by the online alias, Aydin Mod, has a 1.6 cm inner labia piercing, a punched nose, and upper lip piercings. 

But despite being called ‘disturbed’ and ‘psychotic’ by trolls, the she says she wants to ‘look like a cat’.

‘I’m thinking that I would be a pretty cool cat lady,’ she said. 

Her dream was sparked when people asked if she was dressed as a cat on Halloween, even though she didn’t intend to look like one.

Chiara Dell’Abate’s (pictured) dreams of becoming a human cat began during Halloween when people asked if she was dressed as a cat – even though she was not

The Roman woman started her body modification journey at the age of 11 with an ear piercing and stretching (pictured right Chiara before her more extreme modifications). Five years after her first body modification, the 22-year-old has acquired 72 piercings

The extreme body modifier believes she is better suited to looking like a feline than a cartoon. 

She quipped: ‘I have always loved cats, and I think I’ll look really bold and fierce as a cat lady with the right body mods.’

In a bid to look more cat-like, the Italian has already undergone a blepharoplasty – a procedure which removes excess fat or skin from the eyelids.

Dell’Abate has also had ten sub-dermal implants fitted into her hands, as well as being fitted out with four horns and six genital beads. 

She has even had her nipples removed her nipples and had her eyeballs tattooed.

‘It’s crazy to see how much the human body can change and what you can actually achieve from body modifications.’

Even though, Dell’Abate has already made several alterations to her appearance, including forehead implants and permanent eyeliner – she still wants more. 

In the future, she hopes to have a canthosplasty, to make her eyes more almond-shaped, and she crossing her fingers for micro-dermal tail to be attached to her body.

Chiara has had four horns as well as ten sub-dermal implants installed into her hands. The extreme body modifier has even more procedures schedules in the pipeline, including splitting her septum. She also hopes to get a micro-dermal tail attached to her body


The extreme body shifter has already has a breast augmentation and more inkings scheduled in the pipeline, as well as slitting her septum.

She admitted the procedures were quite painful, Dell’Abate says it’s only temporary. 

Although, the young Italian says her tattoos are a form of true self-expression and make her feel great, does not mean her unique look avoids the heat from critics. 

Haters flooded the comments of one TikTok video where Dell’Abate can be seen poking her split tongue out of the holes in her philtrum.

One critic questioned: ‘What happens inside someone’s head that makes them think that is a good idea??’

A second wrote: ‘I have so many questions … None of which I actually want answering,’ 

Although Chiara says her extreme modifications are a form of ‘true self-expression’, many of her critics don’t see her alterations in the same light

While one quipped: ‘When did your life going wrong.’

Another user added: ‘There is a huge difference between self-modification and mutilation. She has been turned into a monster.’

Although, the cat wannabe is often on the receiving end of hate, she alleged not all of the comments are negative.

She claimed that many tell her she is an inspiration and has helped changed their perception on beauty. 

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