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A tourist who suffered horrific injuries in Bali has been forced to crowdfund for an emergency flight back to Australia as his insurance company drags its feet. 

Jacob Villablanca, from Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast, was was hospitalised after a ‘serious motorbike accident’ which left him unconscious on Wednesday.

The accident tore the skin and muscle from his shin and left him with bleeding on the brain meaning he urgently requires medical assistance back home.

His mum Julie and sister Grace got on the first plane to Bali to be by his hospital bedside with his sibling revealing the family are desperately raising money for his flight back to Australia.

‘The insurance company will not approve it for another four days and that is too long we need to get him back immediately to have surgery on his leg,’ Grace wrote on Facebook.

Jacob Villablanca (right), from Terrigal on NSW Central Coast, was left with horrific injuries after a motorbike accident in Bali on Wednesday

She also shared a graphic photo of the shin showing the skin and muscle torn away, leaving part of the bone exposed.

Friends back home rallied around the family after it was revealed Mr Villablanca requires a ‘SOS’ medical evacuation flight back to Australia.

‘Jacob was found unconscious and transported to a hospital in Bali,’ friend Aimee Kostrubic wrote on a GoFundMe.

‘He is now conscious but has significant lower limb damage and some bleeding on the brain.

‘Jacob has been advised to return to Australia as soon as possible to receive the medical help and surgery he desperately requires.’

Mr Villablanca’s family were told he requires an SOS retrieval flight due the extent of his significant injuries, which costs $68,000.

‘As you can imagine the family are extremely distressed and wanting to return Jacob back to Australia as quickly as possible,’ Ms Kostrubic said.

‘He will require emergency surgery in Western Australia before coming home.’

More than $50,700 has been raised since the fundraiser was created on Thursday.

Mr Villablanca’s sister shared a graphic photo of his shin showing the skin and muscle torn away, leaving part of the bone exposed

Mr Villablanca and his loved ones have been forced to set up a GoFundMe to help get him home to Australia while his insurance company has yet to help out with costs 

The Villablanca family’s struggles follow similar negative experiences other Aussie’s have had with insurance companies while travelling. 

In June, a fateful decision to relax with a few Long Island Iced Teas while on holiday in Thailand changed a devastated family’s lives forever, with a woman’s insurer refusing to pay her medical bills as she remained in ‘a vegetative state’ in hospital.

Pest control business owner Paul Enwright pleaded for help to bring his wife Kylee, 48, home from Thailand after a horrific accident left her with a catastrophic brain injury.

The Enwright family from Singleton, NSW, were shocked to find their travel insurance was invalidated with their insurer claiming his partner had drunk too much alcohol before the fall – leaving them with $250,000 of medical bills.

They were on the second day of a holiday in Khao Lak when tragedy struck on May 28, with Mr Enwright freely admitting they’d enjoyed a couple of drinks at their resort’s poolside bar on what was a rainy day.

The insurer’s investigators used CCTV footage and the couple’s bar tab – showing nine Long Island iced teas ordered to their room number – to determine she could have had a blood-alcohol level of 0.35.

Disturbing footage showed the grandmother stepping off a wooden plank, seemingly mistaking it for stairs, falling 50cm and landing on her face.

The family was hit with an enormous medical bill as their insurance provider refused to cover costs due to an alcohol limit clause the Enwrights were not aware of.

According to consumer website Choice, most travel insurance policies have an exclusion clause that covers alcohol and drug consumption. 

Choice warned that means ‘there’s a good chance your travel insurer will not pay out for any claims that arise as a result of you being under the influence of alcohol’.

But, like most people, the Enwrights were not aware of the existence of such a clause in their insurance cover.

Kylie Enwright was left in ‘a vegetative state’ in hospital following a fall while on a family holiday in Thailand

Ms Enwright’s was hit with an enormous medical bill as their insurance provider refused to cover costs due to an alcohol limit clause 

In August, an Aussie man who crashed his scooter in Bali was hit with a $370,000 bill because he didn’t tick the box for $7 motorbike cover on his travel insurance.

Blake Gibb, from Adelaide, travelled with two friends to Indonesia’s Lombongan Island earlier this year, where he slammed into a cement wall on his scooter after overshooting a turn.

He suffered multiple skull fractures and was transported to Bali’s International Medical Centre, where he was put into a coma as he fought for life.

Mr Gibb was later transferred to a hospital back in Adelaide in a serious condition.

His mother Rosslyn Gibb said travel insurer Freely, backed by Cover-More, agreed to pay for Blake’s hospital treatment and medivac on the condition she signed a form saying she would be responsible for the bills if they then denied the claim.

‘They (Bali doctors) decided to call the medivac team to get him back to Australia because they were concerned he wasn’t going to make it,’ Ms Gibbs told Nine News.

The travel insurer eventually declined the Gibb’s claim because Blake had not added motorcycle cover to the policy he had taken out.

The family turned to GoFundMe in their desperate attempt to raise money to cover the $370,000 in medical bills.

Blake Gibb, from Adelaide, suffered multiple skull fractures after he slammed into a cement wall on his scooter

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