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A San Diego mom-of-two has decided to homeschool her children because she is ‘too scared’ to put them in a conventional classroom over fears of shootings.

Alexia Delarosa, 30, says the ‘crazy’ amount of attacks in the United States has put her off sending Archer, three, and Arlo, one, to school.

She started homeschooling the two tots in August 2023 and has vowed to keep them away from the public school system – at least until they hit high school.

There have been at around 69 school shootings in the US so far this year as of October 28, according to CNN.

San Diego mom of two, Alexia Delarosa, 30, is too filled with ‘fear’ to send her toddler-aged children to school – and has instead elected to homeschool them

Alexia shares two sons, three-year-old Archer and one-year-old Arlo, with her husband, coffee-shop owner Matthew Delarosa, 38

Alexia, a homemaker, said: ‘So many terrible things happen at schools. It is crazy the amount of shootings we have.

‘That alone is enough to deter putting my children in an environment where that could happen.

‘It is devastating when it happens; how is it continuing to happen?

‘It could happen at any school. It’s scary and I am not willing to send my children into that environment.

‘It has a lot to do with the state of the world – safety is a big factor.’

Alexia says she and husband Matthew Delarosa, a coffee shop owner, 38, were both educated in the public school system.

They had conversations before Archer was born and realized they wanted him to stay away from the classroom.

Alexia also decided she wanted to be a hands-on parent so now claims to devote all her time to her family.

Alexia claims to be fulfilled by homemaking, though she also spends an ample amount of time promoting herself on social media – having racked up nearly 230,000 Instagram followers

Of a traditional school setting, Alexia said: ‘It’s scary and I am not willing to send my children into that environment’

She also seems to find ample time to promote what she presents as a picture-perfect, circa 1950s-esque domestic-centered lifestyle on social media, boasting nearly 230,000 Instagram followers.

‘I have always wanted a more traditional model for my family. I loved the idea of a ’50s-style family life, where the wife stays home to look after her husband and kids, and the husband goes out to work full time,’ Alexia has previously said of her mindset.

The lifestyle she gleefully embraces is in exact alignment with the #tradwife – short for ‘traditional wife’ – trend on social media. 

Of her kids attending ‘traditional’ school, however, she is adamant that she ‘never felt comfortable with the idea of sending them somewhere for seven hours a day.’

‘I didn’t want them to be in the hands of adults and be around other kids that I didn’t know – that seems scary to me.

‘We both decided that homeschooling would be the best option for us.

‘They are both pre-school age. We have started getting them into a routine for homeschooling.’

Alexia, who started homeschooling just two months ago, said her family were skeptical at first and wondered how long it would last, but have become ‘supportive.’ 

Per the homeschooling schedule she’s established, her kids wake up at 7 a.m. and eat the breakfast she’s made for them soon after

Alexia begins to lead her two sons through two-and-a-half hours of lessons, from 9:30 a.m. through noon

Alexia said: ‘Myself and my husband both grew up in the public school system. We had a very normal upbringing. 

‘Our family has been very supportive but we did get a lot of, “Okay, let’s see how long that lasts,”‘ she admitted. 

‘Here it is so normal to send your kid off to a play center when they are two.

‘They go off with another adult as soon as they are able to.’

Alexia added that she ‘loves’ homeschooling and both her children are thriving.

‘I have so much fun with it. I think a lot of it is the planning and being intentional about what you’re doing.

‘The curriculum is themed weeks.

‘We did pumpkin week this week – all the activities have been based around pumpkins, taking out the seeds and thinking about what we can do with them.

‘In that, they are learning motor skills, being creative and being out in the world.

‘A lot of activities I encourage are cooking and baking in the kitchen.

‘Whatever the theme is I will come up with recipes that encourage that.’

Alexia said that she ‘loves’ homeschooling: ‘I have so much fun with it. I think a lot of it is the planning and being intentional about what you’re doing’

The homeschooling schedule she’s established includes having her kids wake up at 7am and giving them breakfast. 

At 9am, the homeschooling begins – and wraps up two-and-a-half hours later, at noon, for lunchtime.

Naptime is slated for 1.30pm to 3.30pm before dinner at 5pm followed by bath time at 6.30pm. 

Finally, bedtime is at 7.30pm. 

Alexia said she had always planned to homeschool her children – but her husband would be happy for them to go to high school.

She said: ‘I would rather they didn’t. When we get to those higher levels of education we could have a tutor come in and teach them.

‘Or there are homeschooling groups that get together. I would rather go that route.’

According to CNN, 24 of the 69 school shootings this year were on college campuses.

The remaining 45 were on the grounds of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

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