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Police have arrested a father who rammed his car through a security gate and threw molotov cocktails on a runway at Hamburg Airport, while holding his four-year-old daughter hostage in his car.

The situation had been ongoing for almost 18 hours, with German officials shutting the busy airport as negotiations with the 35-year-old continued throughout the night. 

Hamburg Police added the child appears not be injured and the arrest was made without resistance. Hamburg Airport will remain closed while investigations continue, with ‘flight operations suspended indefinitely until further notice’.

Authorities believed the terrifying ordeal was sparked over a ‘custody dispute’, with the desperate wife of the gunman reported a possible child abduction, with the young girl said to be taken by force from her mother. 

Last night, the armed man, reported by the German newspaper Bild to be a Turkish national, ploughed his Audi through an airport barrier at around 8pm local time (7pm GMT).

He fired a weapon twice and then threw two burning bottles out of the vehicle, police said. The driver then barricaded himself to the foot of a Turkish Airlines plane. 

The 35-year-old father is said to have rammed his Audi onto the airport around 8pm local time last night, barricading himself to the foot of a Turkish Airlines plane. Pictured: Negotiations ongoing this morning 

Police pictured this morning near the runway, as the man remains in his car with a four-year-old girl 

Police vehicles and ambulances arrive at the scene of a security breach at the Hamburg Airport

Officers of German BFE police unit stand on the apron of Hamburg Airport while passengers are evacuated

Special police arrives at the airport in Hamburg following the shocking incident this evening

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Hamburg Police said: ‘The hostage situation is over. The suspect got out of the car with his daughter. The man was arrested by the emergency services without resistance. The child appears to be unharmed.’

The airport added: ‘The situation at the airport remains unchanged, the police operation continues. Flight operations will remain suspended indefinitely until further notice.’ 

Yesterday evening the airport was quickly shut down with 3,200 passengers reportedly being evacuated from planes parked on the runway. 

This morning police psychologists attended the airport trying to negotiate a solution with the driver. Officers had been communicating to the man through a translator speaking in Turkish. 

Access roads to the airport were closed off and members of the public were warned to stay away from any terminals as the negotiations continued. 

The force said reiterated that traffic measures around the huge airport remain in place and that entering the airport remains impossible.  

In an earlier update this morning, officers said they assumed the man ‘is in possession of a live firearm and possibly also explosive devices of an unknown type’. 

‘Our top priority is protecting the child,’ the force said early today. ‘According to our current findings, the child is doing well physically.’

This morning, Police Hamburg and Hamburg Airport said the airport remained closed as negotiations with the father continue. The situation has now been ongoing for more than 12 hours 

The mother of the abducted girl arrived at the airport today and was receiving psychological support, German news agency dpa reported.

‘The mother naturally wants to get to her child as quickly as possible,’ Malte Stueben, the head of the German Red Cross crisis intervention team in Hamburg, told dpa.

A paediatrician also arrived at the airport to look after the girl once the hostage-taking is over, the news agency reported.

Hundreds of people whose flights could not depart on Saturday night because of the situation were put up at hotels nearby.

Arriving planes were either re-routed to other German airports or cancelled.

Police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrun told the regional channel of public television NDR that it is believed a father and his child are in the car.

She called it a ‘very good sign’ that he had remained in contact with the authorities over a prolonged period of time.  

The incident has caused major and ongoing disruption throughout one of Europe’s busiest airports.

On Saturday evening alone 17 flights scheduled to land in Hamburg were diverted. Another 286 flight are scheduled for today, carrying some 34,500 passengers.

At present 61 flights – 34 departures and 27 arrivals – have been cancelled, with more expected throughout the day. 

A police van watches the car of the hostage taker parked under the Turkish Airlines plane 

Police form a huddle at the airport this morning, as the hostage situation continues 

Police officers were pictured stood outside Hamburg Airport while passengers were evacuated

Police vehicles closed off a road leading up to Hamburg Airport following reports of a ‘hostage situation’ 

Passengers were evacuated from Hamburg Airport today after a gunman drove through the airport at around 8pm local time 

Police vehicles were pictured blocking access to Hamburg Airport 

After firing the shots, the man threw two burning bottles out of the vehicle. Footage showed fires on the tarmac

Armed police patrol the airport as passengers were evacuated 

Police guard the scene of a security breach at the Hamburg Airport after a vehicle broke through

Fire Department vehicles arrive at a security scene at the Hamburg Airport. Flights have been axed 

Firemen, rescue workers and police stand outside the airport in Hamburg as police deal with a ‘hostage situation’

Last night a large number of officers from state and federal police were on site and in the vicinity of the vehicle, federal police spokesman Thomas Gerbert told German news agency dpa. 

Police said no one appeared to be injured, but the airport announced it was currently closed for takeoffs and landings. 

Bild reported that the gunman drove in front of Terminal 1 in an Audi without a number plate. 

The driver initially sped away but a few minutes later broke through a security barrier at the north gate and drove towards the planes.

He is said to have started fires in the airport area by throwing burning bottles out of the car which were described as ‘a kind of Molotov cocktails’ by police spokesman Mr Gerbert.

Footage shared on social media shows flames on the tarmac as fire crews rushed to the scene.

Passengers are evacuated from Hamburg Airport on November 5 after the incident

Parts of a destroyed barrier are removed form a gate at the airport in Hamburg after the gunman drove through a gate

A bus from Hamburgs public transport service displays an ‘Evacuation’ message on a display outside of Hamburg Airport

Special forces, fire crews and officers all descended on the scene as a major police operation remaining underway this morning.

Police said that all terminals were evacuated – as was an aircraft which the armed man parked next to.

The passenger plane was full but its understood everyone has been evacuated and a collection point was set up at the nearby Radisson Blue hotel opposite the airport.

Police also said that a psychologist was talking with the man and that there was no indication other people could be harmed since all passengers had evacuated the airport. 

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