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A photo of a ham and cheese croissant has sent Australians into a rage over its ‘absolutely outrageous’ price tag. 

The disappointed customer snapped a picture of the breakfast staple at a cafe in Melbourne and shared it to social media platform X on Saturday. 

The post shows a ham and cheese croissant with the whopping price tag of $14. 

‘Is this right?’ the caption read.

Social media users were outraged, with many accusing the cafe of price ‘gouging’ labelling it ‘absolutely outrageous’.

The disappointed customer snapped a picture of a ham and cheese croissant at a Melbourne cafe for the whopping price of $14 (pictured) 

‘Not normal, I paid $10.90 for ham and cheese croissant with a strong coffee yesterday. This place is gouging,’ one wrote.

‘Even if they’re using quality croissants and quality free-range ham, that’s very expensive. Should be about $10,’ said another.

Others claimed the price was making breakfast completely unaffordable and was a sign of Australia’s ever-rising inflation.  

‘These used to be my weekend staple but Ive stopped since everyone is charging $10+. Its not justified charging this much for $3 worth of food,’ one person wrote. 

‘I couldn’t afford to eat at cafes when it was half of that, so I don’t care one way or the other,’ another person commented. 

‘Whoa indeed this is what I’ve been talking about, outrageous when you can’t afford a breakfast,’ a third chimed. 

A fourth joked: ‘I wouldn’t pay that much at an airport owned by Macquarie Bank, let alone somewhere I have a choice. I don’t care if the chef is French, and the pig attended Harvard before ethically donating his leg.’  

The price for a ham and cheese croissant in Australia range between $8 to $12 depending on the cafe. 

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